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    This app uses the Socrata API.

Socrata Service Connect enables government organizations to make their citizen services data more transparent, accessible, and understandable to citizens and other key stakeholders, including staff, business owners, and members of the media. The application takes citizen services data and unlocks it in a visually appealing, mobile-responsive, intuitive, and engaging interface. Additionally, it provides a powerful administrative interface that includes analytical tools that help administrators gain insight into the citizen services that people care about the most.

The Socrata Service Connect app combines a familiar, intuitive interface with a powerful search and multi-faceted visualization capabilities. Built on the Socrata platform and delivered as a turnkey cloud service, it can be deployed in minutes, accessed from mobile or desktop browsers, and updated automatically.Â

The Socrata Service Connect Application Is Designed To:

  • Encourage community based self-service and discovery
  • Deliver powerful and compelling visualizations that educate citizens on the services being consumed in their neighborhood
  • Allow administrators to gain unique insights into the areas of the application that is important to site visitors.
  • Enable a rich out of box customization model to create a uniquely immersive community experience.

Socrata Service Connect is easy to learn and use. It provides a unique set of benefits for diverse audiences.

  • Visualize data about citizen services categories and areas using an intuitive card-based dashboard
  • Showcase citizen services priorities with smart visualizations
  • Location aware technology allows citizens to discover citizen services tickets near them, by type all with a filterable map
  • Anyone can access data without additional licenses
  • Gain unique insight into the areas that are important for your site visitors
  • Access the app from either desktop or mobile browsers


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