POLCO: A civic engagement / policy participation platform

  • Policy Confluence, Inc.
  • Tim Booher

Ever wanted to share your preferences for policies with your friends, or better yet, with your political representative? Ever wanted to know if citizens in your district or your state share your thoughts? Ever wanted to know if your representative actually represents you or those of your district (or state)? POLCO does just this in an intuitive and powerful application.

Specifically, the POLCO app hosts policies and legislative bills in a searchable and sortable database, providing you with a link to the full policy or bill, a forum for commentary with rich media links, e-ballots for you to cast your own vote, the current aggregate of all user vote tallies in your district and state, and the ultimate voting action of your representative(s).

For the politically savvy, the policy commentary forums provide a great tool! The forums allow you to directly engage other users (and visa versa) in debate and discuss the merits and faults of each policy on which you vote. Better commentary will rise to the top through peer review and voting, allowing well-thought-out points to be immediately read by others.

If you’re truly interested in re-shaping the relationship between us and our politicians, check out our site at www.polco.us for even more functionality.


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