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Better for the Agency

NestRequest provides a simple interface for managing a records request. Help staff improve response times and quality.

Better for the Public

NextRequest makes it easy for the public to track their requests via the web portal and automatic updates. And because past requests are displayed online many times the public can find what they're looking for without having to make a new request - saving everyone time.


  • Digital by Default - Make requests digital from start to finish and improve efficiency.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Requests - Search and smart alert features reduce duplicate requests and requests sent to the wrong agency.
  • Efficient Processing & Management- Automated routing, responses, and deadline reminders as well as collaboration and correspondence features for complex requests.
  • Data Driven Decisions - Help strategic decision making with metrics on requests by department and response time. Use the API for in depth data analysis.
  • Inform Open Data - Use public records requests to help surface the most relevant data sets for your community.

NextRequest's precursor, RecordTrac, has helped the City of Oakland and the City of Yakima better manage their public records request process.


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