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Potential users of EIXOS:
- entrepreneurs that want to open a new shop
- shop owners
- chain-store retailers
- Economic Development Agencies (councils, regional and state)
- Investors
- Banking services
- Economic research centers

Services offered by EIXOS for free:
- browse full retail data on Eixos.cat
- browse main layers of retail data on LAYAR (mobile app for iOS and Android)
- getting nice maps with all the information that is needed to take an economic decision such as opening a new point of sale

Services offered by EIXOS (paid):
- getting a full economic report from a geographical area
- getting reports adapted to the customer needs

EIXOS workflow:
we combine Open Data sources with our own data sources in order to deliver a final economic information service.
We have our own web platform, with a public site where users can browse data for free and an API interface to provide data that is used only by our clients.

EIXOS Software:
the whole platform is fully developed with open source tools. (html, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, Minnesota MapServer, PHP, MySQL, POSTGRESQL)

Geographical coverage:
we have economic data from the most important cities in Catalonia, Spain and Portugal (Barcelona, Tarragona, Madrid, Sevilla, Lisboa, Gijón,...).
We're also deploying two pilot platforms in Brasil (in São Paulo and Paraná).
In 2016 we'll start deploying EIXOS in 100 cities around the world.

Some of our clients / partners / collaborators:

- Barcelona City Council
- Tarragona City Council
- Catalan Government
- Custo
- Google
- BBVA Bank
- Caixabank
- European Space Agency
- IESE Business School
- MIT Senseable City Lab


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