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    This app uses the Socrata API.

Buildingeye works with local agencies to visualize important government data that keeps citizens aware of changes that are happening in their community. Local government is able to easily track and monitor the status of applications and analyze trends that lead to better civic decisions.


  • Filtered Search - enables users to filter by specific criteria including: address, zip code, supervisorial district, status, keyword, date range and record type.
  • Application Status Tracking - easily monitor application status via map based visualizations that helps to eliminate inquiry calls to the public counter.
  • Customized Email Alerts - set multiple email alerts based on: geographic radius, customized shapes, zip code, neighborhood, historic district and supervisorial district.
  • Analytics Platform - organize, analyze and visualize data to discover patterns and other useful information, in order to better inform citizens and officials, and improve performance through actionable insights.

Selected by the San Francisco Mayor's Office for the Entrepreneurship in Residence program, Buildingeye is working with Cities like San Francisco, Palo Alto and more to help keep citizens better informed of what's happening in their neighborhood.


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